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    Monday, June 11, 2007

    How Do I Select The Right Size Flower Girl Dress, Christening Gown or Communion Dress?

    Ask Julie:
    Advice and Tips for Online Communion Dress, Flower Girl Dress Ordering

    Q: I’ve never ordered children’s clothing on the Internet, how do I measure to make sure I get the right size dress for my daughter?

    A: I have found that the best way to measure properly is to measure a dress she owns that fits her well. Lay the dress down on a flat surface, measure across the chest and waist, and double the measurements to get the exact size she’ll need. For the length, the best way is to hang the dress on a hanger, and measure from the outside shoulder straight down to the hem. That is the way size charts are made. They give customers exact measurements, or as close as can be with variations of up to ½” of the measurements.

    Friday, May 18, 2007

    Little Girl Great Customer Service, Fast Shipping

    Great Customer Service

    You've found the perfect , you've placed your order and then... nothing. Do they have the dresses in your size.... today? When will your order ship? Can you even get a human being on the phone?

    It does seem like customer service is a lost art these days. But there can be exceptions.
    Communion dress SP125 from Little Girl
    One of those exceptions appears to be Little Girl - an online retailer of children's formal wear. You don't have to take our word for it. Just visit their "About Us" page on their website and you'll see some amazing (and up-to-date!) feedback notes from their satisfied customers.

    Some of these are for orders within the U.S., but, amazingly, there are quite a few from places around the globe like Ireland, the U.K., China and Australia. Little Girl filled their orders and these customers had their flower girl dresses, or Christening gowns in a matter of days (for foreign shipments) or, in one instance, in less than 24 hours for one lucky customer in the US.

    Their secret is not shipping everything by Next Day Air... that would be cheating. Instead, Little Girl uses secret weapons called Doug and Mary and Julie. Real live people who counsel customers via the phone on proper dress sizing, and then they determine the optimal shipping method to get the order to the customer.

    Apparently it's working. Customers around the world are happy. So is Little Girl since it just posted record sales of flower girl dresses and Communion dresses in the first quarter of 2007. Record sales ordinarily tax a retail business' resources and bottlenecks and shipment delays can occur. Not so for Little Girl

    Communion Dresses by Sweetie Pie

    First Communion dress SP194 by Sweetie Pie at Little Girl Dresses.comFirst Communion Dresses
    One of the most beautiful Communion dresses that you'll see in the Heirloom Collection from Sweetie Pie at Little Girl Dresses is the SP194 in white.

    This First Communion Dress has a scoop neckline peau satin bodice with embroidered motifs and cap sleeves. Organza skirt with five layers of satin ribbon. This dress is only offered in 'Tea' length sizes, and is available in the color white.

    Find it at Call 1-866-239-1253 M-F 10am - 7pm.

    Thursday, May 17, 2007

    Hot 2009 Flower Girl Dresses

    Café Color Flower Girl Dress
    Talk about gorgeous, this stunning from the Heirloom Collection at Little Girl Dresses is the one to have for your junior bridesmaid this year.

    Peau satin bodice with spaghetti straps with detailed stitching on bodice and skirt. Three layer ribbon band at waist with peau satin skirt. This dress is offered in full length sizes. It is also offered in 'between' sizes at a significant increase in cost (you must call to order a dress in the 'between' sizes).

    This flower girl dress comes in the trendy café color, but is also available in the color white.

    Priced at $128.00, this flower girl dress is the one to have in your bridal party this year.

    Find the dress at Call 1-866-239-1253 M-F 10am - 7pm.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2007

    What You Need to Know About Shopping Online for Flower Girl Dresses, Christening Gowns and Communion Dresses?

    Ask Julie:
    Flower Girl Dress and Communion Dress Shopping Advice
    What should a bride or mother know about purchasing children's formal attire online?

    You should start by demanding the best in every aspect of the transaction. Here are ten requirements for a good online store:

    1. Fast and friendly response. Great customer service starts with a great attitude. Fast and friendly responses to e-mails and telephone calls are a must. Your online store should offer you personal consultations. Only purchase from an online store that offers great customer service.
    2. Broad product selection. You should be able to choose from a variety of designers, styles and price ranges. Make sure that the online store is an authorized dealer for the designers they sell.
    3. Online purchasing. Many bridal stores have web sites, but few offer online purchasing. A good online store should let you complete the shopping experience right then and there. Buy what you want when you want it.
    4. An up-to-date, current web site. An online store should update information on a daily basis, continuously adding new dresses and gowns and eliminating those that are discontinued.
    5. Easy searching. You should be able to easily find the item, style or designer you are looking for and have convenient access to different departments in the online store.
    6. Product information. A picture of the gown isn't enough. Your online store should provide you with accurate product information like designers size charts, fabric and color charts that can help you make the right dress or gown purchase.
    7. Guaranteed delivery time. Your online store should give you a guaranteed delivery date and should back that delivery date with a commitment.
    8. Shipping quality. Your online store should carefully inspect every item shipped. Sometimes there are imperfections in the gown and a good online store will catch those imperfections and remedy the situation with the designer before they ship the gown to you.
    9. Clear return and cancellation policies. Your online store should clearly provide you with their return and cancellation policies before you buy.
    10. No hidden charges. The price shown may not be the true price of the gown after you learn about hidden charges. Some questionable online stores tell you about their add on charges for shipping, handling, insurance, etc. after you purchase. Confirm the total cost before you buy.

    How do you find online stores that meet this criteria? Talk to others who have shopped online for Flower Girl Dresses, Communion Dresses, or Christening Gowns, or visit popular message boards to see other people's experiences. Or, simply visit Little Girl to see how they meet all of these qualities desirable in shopping online today for children's formal wear.

    Adapted from "The Trend" January 25, 2006.

    Do I Have To Wait 6-8 Weeks For Delivery of My Flower Girl Dress, Communion Dress or Christening Gown?

    Ask Julie:
    Advice and Tips for Online Communion Dress, Flower Girl Dress, Christening Gown Ordering

    Q: I want to order a dress for my daughter’s First Communion, but many websites say I have to allow six to eight weeks for delivery. Why do they do this?

    A: Companies that make customers wait that long are usually small companies that don’t have the capital to invest in enough inventory to fulfill orders right away. They wait until they have ten or more orders before they place an order with their suppliers. Those suppliers usually have a minimum order amount the reseller has to reach. That method is called “Just in Time”.

    Even larger companies get caught short of an item sometimes, or don’t stock items that aren’t big sellers. They should still be able to get any of their products within four or five days, and get them to anyone in the country in four or five days after that, no matter how far the package has to travel. That’s a big difference from a six to eight week lead time. My advice is to avoid ordering from companies that make you wait 6-8 weeks for your communion dress or flower girl dress.

    Friday, February 10, 2006

    Why Do Companies Disappear From Google Searches?

    Ask Julie:
    Online Communion Dress Shopping Advice and Tips

    Q: Once I find a company with products that I like on the Internet searches, I always have a hard time finding them again. Why do companies disappear from the Google search pages?

    A: "Sponsored" Links on the search pages are very expensive for the advertisers. The companies pay every time a shopper clicks on a website's ad. Google's system rotates companies in and out to keep them from using up their daily advertising budget too quickly.
    NOTE: Always remember to 'Save' any websites you like to your Favorites before you close the window. That way you can easily find the company anytime, and help them save in ad costs that drive up the prices of the products you buy.

    Tuesday, January 31, 2006

    Error Message While Completing Your Order?

    Ask Julie:
    Online Flower Girl Dress and Communion Dress Shopping Advice

    Q: While trying to 'complete' an order recently, an error screen came up and I didn't see my sale go through. What is the cause of this?

    A: There are a two reasons this may occur:

    The first reason can happen when there is a long span between the time you started ordering and the time you try to complete your order. Sessions in a Shopping Cart have a limited time span, so it may be best to open a second instance of your browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc.), log in to Little Girl and put your order through when ready.

    A second reason for the error message is that once you are in the checkout process (Shopping Cart), you shouldn't use the browser's back button to try to correct something or add a product that may have been forgotten. When this is done, and then you click on the "Complete-Order" button, the error message comes up. Your sale will most likely go through, but, you will not see your order confirmation on that screen. You will have to wait and see if you get a separate e-mail confirmation of the order from the company.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: If this occurs, call (and e-mail) the company right away to make an inquiry. Do not try to fix the issue by hitting the 'Complete-Order" button again. You will be putting a duplicate order on your credit card.